The iDVM multimeter is the answer to your data logging and data capture needs in the design and production phases.

The Challenge


Design engineers, electronic technicians, and even home hobbyists frequently need more than just a voltmeter. The project vary, but one thing is for sure: no one likes to be stuck trying to remember what test point voltages were on their prototype.


The Solution


The new iDVM is the answer to your data logging and data capture needs. The iDVM permits a user to record data in a variety of formats: graphical (PNG, PDF, HTML), as an SQLite database file, or as a CSV file for analysis in Excel or similar spreadsheet programs. After the data has been saved it can be sent via email, shared via an ad-hoc web server, or posted to Dropbox or other cloud services for further analysis or reporting. Due to the flexible nature of the data storage and the intuitive nature of iOS and Android devices, the data is always available and handy for quick access.

Although data capture and logging is important in the design phase, it can be as important or more in the production phase, as many systems require rigorous product documentation, and test data is often part of that. Technicians build a variety of sophisticated systems and each system requires that tests be made and data taken to ensure performance. The iDVM provides a simple way to save the data for future use. Previously we were forced to write the data down on a scratch pad at our bench, and then subsequently transfer it to our notebook or production traveler if we remember. The iDVM solves this problem. You simply capture the data and save it in one of several ways. Portability of data - problem solved.

The iDVM also solves another problem faced by many: the test points are over there and you need to adjust a component over here. Easy - connect up the iDVM to the test points, make your adjustments and watch the measurement change on your mobile device right next to you. The iDVM can be up to 30 yards away from your iOS or Android device, enabling use of the instrument at a distance.

A handheld multimeter is essential to any design engineer or technician, but wouldn't it be great to have the additional capabilities of the iDVM?